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How do I get paid/How do I set up BOLD?

There are two options to get paid through Convoy. Either you get paid directly through our partner company called BOLD, or if you already use a factoring company we will send payments through them.
Sending us a BOL is required to get paid, whether we pay you directly or you use a factoring company.

If you don't use a factoring company, after your first load, you will receive a signup email from BOLD to set up an account and choose payment via check or direct deposit. You can get 24 hour Quick Pay by using the app during loads and uploading BOLs through the Convoy Driver app within 24 hours of drop-off. 

You only need to set BOLD up once, and then payment will process automatically for every load after that. You can access your payment history from BOLD at any time. 

If you're using a factoring company, we will call you after your first load for their contact information so we can get a notice of assignment for you.

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