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How do I upload a bill of lading? (Driver)


Sending us a BOL is required to get paid, whether we pay you directly or you use a factoring company. Here's how!

During the job

If you’re the driver taking the load, follow these steps. 

1. Arrive at the drop-off location. When you’re unloaded and the bill of lading has been signed, open the Convoy app.

2. Tap “Photograph Signed BOL”.

3. Take a picture of every the Bill of Lading by first making sure all 4 corners of the paper are within the box, then tap the circular button. Then tap “Confirm”. Take a photo of every page of the BOL.

4. Tap “Complete Job”.

5. (Optional) Rate your experience at the pick-up location, drop-off locations, and with Convoy. (1 star is low, 5 is high.) Tap submit.


After the job

If you’re a dispatcher and received the BOL from your driver, follow these steps.

1. Open the Convoy app.

2. Tap “History”.

3. Loads with a missing BOL will have a red alert bar at the top. Tap the load you want to upload a BOL for.

4. Tap “Add Signed BOL”. Tap “Take Photo” to take a new picture or “Choose from library” if you already took one.

5. Take a picture of the Bill of Lading by tapping the circular button, making sure all 4 corners of the paper are within the box. Then tap “Use.” then tap “Save.”

6. Tap “Complete Job”.

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